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BA Financial Calculator Pro app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 4192 ratings )
Business Finance
Developer: Vicinno Soft LLC
5.99 USD
Current version: 3.50, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 20 Nov 2009
App size: 14.29 Mb

BA Financial Calculator Pro full-feature emulates Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional Financial Calculator for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Built with identical algorithms and formulas of original, it provides exact same capabilities and operation sequences, and beyond with better user experience.

Just as the original BA II Plus Professional, this app comes with easier natural input than RPN used by other financial calculator apps, including HP 12C Financial Calculator.

**** Features ****

• Time Value of Money calculations.

• Amortization schedules.

• Cash flow analysis, Net Present Value (NPV), and Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Future Value (NFV), Payback (PB), Discounted Payback (DPB), Reinvestment Rate (RI), and Modified Internal Rate of Return (MOD).

• Mortgage and Loan calculations.

• Depreciation with four different methodologies.

• Breakeven, Profit, and Percent difference calculations.

• Bond prices and yields “to maturity” or “to call” calculations, and Modified Duration (DUR).

• Statistical analysis.

• 10 Memories for storage.

• Choice of Chain and Algebraic Operating System methods.

• Scientific capabilities, including log, sin, cos etc.

• Options to turn on/off key click feedback sound, and

• Easily set number format, angle mode, date format, and so on via in-app settings.

• Automatically save/restore all format settings during app close/start.

• More ...

**** Support ****

Please email us at

**** Stay tuned for coming updates ****

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The Differences between BA II PLUS and BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL
The BA II PLUS PROFESSIONAL includes 4 additional Cash Flow worksheet variables and 1 Bond worksheet variable that are not included on the BA II PLUS as listed below.

• Net future value (NFV, Compute-only Cash Flow worksheet variable)
• Payback - (PB, Compute-only Cash Flow worksheet variable)
• Discounted payback (DPB, Compute-only Cash Flow worksheet variable)
• Reinvestment rate (RI, Enter-only Cash Flow worksheet variable)
• Modified internal rate of return (MOD, Compute-only Cash Flow worksheet variable)
• Modified duration (DUR, Auto-compute Bond worksheet variable)

Pros and cons of BA Financial Calculator Pro app for iPhone and iPad

BA Financial Calculator Pro app good for

Thank you. Actually this application is excellent and i love it.
Just what I wanted. Now I have one less thing to carry around.
Needed this for class and works great got every answer correct so far
If Im on the phn and use the app, the bottom part of the app is hidden. Also, it would be nice to see 2 lines of input as I try to do complex calculations.
Very accurate and user friendly application. Interface is exactly like the hand held model and works well. Exactly like the HP hand held calc. Very much worth the money.
I used TMV calculations extensively in my undergrad Finance degree and this calculator is a godsend. If you want to do PV, FV, annuity calcs, discount rates etc then you need this app.

Some bad moments

I want my money back. It gives me wrong answer for mortgage calculation.
This is second financial calculator I purchased in 2 days and both malfunction. Simple calculation: N=5 (years) PV= 5000 (dollars), present value FV= 8000 (dollars), future value I want to calculate % (I/Y) value. Result = ERROR 2 (??) This calculator suppose to emulate TI BA35 calculator. Here is result of same problem when entered into BA35 and it is 9.856% Somebody suppose to make important financial decision based on calculations and there is no such thing on iTunes.
It just cannot do the calculations properly. This app shouldnt be offered to people...
I am real estate brocker and use the real BA II Plus for my work. I payd your application because , I thought that having only the IPhone with me is much easier. With my BA II Plus to calculate a mortgage (P/Y=12, and C/Y=2) : 200000+_ PV, 0 FV, 300 N, and 3.59 I/Y, the corect calculation give= 1010.92 $/month. Your aplication with the same seting (P/Y=12, and C/Y=2) and 200000+- PV, 0 FV, 300 N, 3.59 I/Y, CPT - PMT = is giving 3607.35$/month ??????
I wrote a review pumping this app up admitting it had its problems but had corrected them....I was sadly mistaken. This app falls way short of the BA ll plus calc app. That app is actually worth the $14.99. DONT BUY THIS APP!!!!!!
Gave me all the wrong calculations. Not worth the money. Do not buy.

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