BA Financial Calculator Pro App Reviews

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Excellent fin. Calculator

Thank you. Actually this application is excellent and i love it.

Cool Tool

Like The real One. Thanks Guys.


Excellent calc so no need to carry the TI BAII+ around.

No recommanded

I want my money back. It gives me wrong answer for mortgage calculation.

Wrong results

This is second financial calculator I purchased in 2 days and both malfunction. Simple calculation: N=5 (years) PV= 5000 (dollars), present value FV= 8000 (dollars), future value I want to calculate % (I/Y) value. Result = ERROR 2 (??) This calculator suppose to emulate TI BA35 calculator. Here is result of same problem when entered into BA35 and it is 9.856% Somebody suppose to make important financial decision based on calculations and there is no such thing on iTunes.

Totally wrong. I Want my money back!

It just cannot do the calculations properly. This app shouldnt be offered to people...

wrong calculation

I am real estate brocker and use the real BA II Plus for my work. I payd your application because , I thought that having only the IPhone with me is much easier. With my BA II Plus to calculate a mortgage (P/Y=12, and C/Y=2) : 200000+_ PV, 0 FV, 300 N, and 3.59 I/Y, the corect calculation give= 1010.92 $/month. Your aplication with the same seting (P/Y=12, and C/Y=2) and 200000+- PV, 0 FV, 300 N, 3.59 I/Y, CPT - PMT = is giving 3607.35$/month ??????

Problems solved...NOT

I wrote a review pumping this app up admitting it had its problems but had corrected them....I was sadly mistaken. This app falls way short of the BA ll plus calc app. That app is actually worth the $14.99. DONT BUY THIS APP!!!!!!

App is a waste of money

Gave me all the wrong calculations. Not worth the money. Do not buy.

The worst calculator ever

Cant imagine an app like this. Gives totally wrong answer. Waste my time. Waste my money. Dont buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont buy this app... :-(

Totally wrong answer. Not reliable at all. With so many reviews, they dont even have any update for their software. Very bad way to rip off our money.

Wrong and performance

Dont bother it is not good, malfunction and they want refund your money even if u prove the app does not work Refrain from buy it

Works just like my BA

Just what I wanted. Now I have one less thing to carry around.

Love it

Love it!!! So easy to use


Doesnt even work properly every answer is wrong, no stars if I could

Works great

Needed this for class and works great got every answer correct so far

Great App

If Im on the phn and use the app, the bottom part of the app is hidden. Also, it would be nice to see 2 lines of input as I try to do complex calculations.

Financial Calculator

Very accurate and user friendly application. Interface is exactly like the hand held model and works well. Exactly like the HP hand held calc. Very much worth the money.


Best calculator I have ever owned!

Vicinnio Pro v3.46

The Vicinnio BA Financial Calculator Pro v3.46 for use on the iPad is currently affected by a small issue that needs to be addressed immediately. The issue pertains to the following buttons: CE/C_ 0_. _+-_= (i.e., the five buttons across the bottom). The use of these buttons is presently unreliable. In order for them to be effective, we need to press the top half of the button. Pressing these buttons in the centre has no effect. Keep in mind this only applies to the iPad. I will be on the lookout for a update to the app. C. D.

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